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Against the backdrop of a significantly increased threat to intellectual property, information and data, the TSCMi has developed a unique eLearning course in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures for Security Managers.

This Accredited Level 4 course, provides managers with a responsibility for security and risk, an insight into the threats posed to staff and intellectual property by malicious surveillance. Particularly surveillance carried out using advanced technology.

The course will show how effective countermeasures can be identified and applied to mitigate the very real threat of unauthorised surveillance.

Duration: 6  months

Delivery: eLearning

Course Content

Principles of Technical Surveillance

  • The concept of technical surveillance. People and organisations currently employing it
  • Technology and methodology of ingressive and non-ingressive eavesdropping
  • Technical surveillance countermeasures equipment and how each technical surveillance discipline is countered by a range of countermeasures technology

Principles of Technical Counter Measures and Threat Mitigation

  • How Technical Surveillance Countermeasures can be deployed to meet different scenarios
  • How conference and seminar venues can be secured from surveillance
  • The threat to air, sea and land transport and how this can be met with effective technical countermeasures

Principles of Threat and Risk Analysis in the Context of Technical Surveillance

  • Security Threat analysis in the context of technical surveillance
  • Electronic surveillance mitigation and risk reduction strategy

The Role of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Consultants

  • The competences and qualifications required of technical surveillance countermeasures consultants
  • The importance of compliance with related legislation covering public communications, privacy, employment and health and safety
  • The selection and contracting process and expectations of technical surveillance countermeasures consultants

Course Information

Who will benefit

The course will be of immediate benefit to Security Directors and Managers with responsibility for developing and implementing security strategy, including the protection of intellectual property, information assets, reputation and people.

Learners will discover who is using this technology and why; how to detail the threat in your corporate risk register; and how to engage professional TSCM support to assist you in combating the threat.

Assessment Method

Assessment is via a 2000 word written assignment per module.

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The Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Institute

The TSCM Institute, is currently the only TSCM practitioners’ trade body in existence.  To find out more about the Institute click here.

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The Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Institute

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures for Security Managers

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