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This e-learning course set at Masters Level, provides learners with the opportunity to research, analyse and explore a specialist area of their own choosing within the security management sector.  It uncovers core theory with accompanying methodologies and equips learners with the skills to think critically - a much sought after skill for today’s security professional.

From looking at core texts with a critical-eye, to extracting theory from best practice through to developing specialist knowledge in a niche area, this online course takes the study of Security Management to the highest very advanced level.

Duration: 9 Months

Delivery: e-Learning

Course Content

The Advanced Diploma e-Learning course consists of 3 modules spread over the 9 month duration of the course.

  • Critical Thinking and Critical Writing Skills
  • In the first module, learners will study critical thinking and writing skills and the assignment will be based on conducting a critical analysis and review of a security, policing, or crime related report.

  • Research Methods and Project Proposals
  • In this module learners will study security research methods and project proposals. The assignment is based on creating and submitting a project proposal which will form the basis of the work undertaken in the next module.

  • Conducting Research and Projects
  • In the final module, learners study how research projects are written, including the presentation of findings. Learners will then undertake a security research based project and submit the research report as the final course assessment.

Course Information

Who will benefit

This course will benefit those wishing to take their professional development and membership to the highest levels within both the security profession and the Security Institute. The Level 7 qualification (Masters level), provides learners with a highly credible, internationally-acclaimed qualification and professional recognition and is a stepping stone to a full MSc.   

Assessment Method

Assessment for the three modules is via written assignments and a final dissertation.

Eligibility Criteria

The course is open to all those who operate within the private and public security sectors and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Security Institute Diploma, and ideally with 7 years experience working in security management or a related management field
  • A security related degree plus 7 years experience working in security or a related field
  • A non-security related degree plus 10 years experience working in security management or a related field.

What Next…

Once the Advanced Diploma is completed learners will be eligible to enrol on to the MSc in International Security and Risk Management, run by Perpetuity Academy in collaboration with University of South Wales.   

Learners will be awarded 40 credits towards the MSc based on their Advanced Diploma work, and a commensurate discount off the full course fee.

We are currently experiencing issues with the transmitting of booking forms.  Should you encounter any difficulty you can download a booking form here.

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