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Course Content

  • Threats to supply chain security
  • Security management techniques for the supply chain
  • Risk and risk assessment for the supply chain
  • Inter-modal supply chain issues
  • Vetting participants in the supply chain process
  • Information security management systems and the supply chain
  • Ensuring the security  of goods and cargo in transit
  • Supply chain security hardware and technology
  • Law, compliance and standards
  • Working with service and security providers
  • Cost benefit analysis for supply chain security

Who will Benefit

This course will be of immediate benefit to all those involved in supply chain security whether national, transnational or global.  The course is designed for security managers as well as non-security managers involved in determining and managing the integrity of the supply process.

Course Information

More Information

For more information on this in-house course or to discuss pricing and accreditation possibilities, please contact us.

Supply chain managers as well as security managers are involved in one of the most challenging areas of commerce when they seek to enhance the security of national, transnational and global supply chain logistics.

This 3 day course combines supply chain practices with the latest security ideas, techniques and methods to look at how the supply chain can be best protected from threats such as theft, burglary, fraud, hijacking, piracy and terrorism.

Duration: 3 Days

Delivery: In-House