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“I am a Local Security Management Specialist (LSMS) within the Crime & Security Management Team of the East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust. My job comes under the umbrella of NHS Protect which has a broad remit to protect NHS staff and resources from crime and has national responsibility for tackling fraud, violence, corruption, criminal damage and theft.

In 2011, I successfully completed a NHS specific Level 4 training course which  was essential in order for me to take up my role as an LSMS. However, since gaining this qualification, I have wanted to further expand my training, knowledge and qualifications, and  decided therefore to pursue a Level 5 qualification.

Bearing in mind that I would be participating in a course in my own time and would have to fund it from my own resources,  I was very pleased to find that Perpetuity Training conducted on behalf of the Security Institute, a distance learning Diploma in Security Management which was both a time efficient and an affordable method of achieving this respected BTEC Level 5 qualification.

I am happy to confirm that I am more than satisfied with the quality of the training provided by  Perpetuity Training. Some of the course content was already familiar to me, but I learnt a lot as well as acquiring a valuable qualification. I was particularly impressed with the training materials and text books provided by Perpetuity Apart from helping me successfully complete the course, they will be of continual use as a reference source to assist me in carrying out my responsibilities.

Whilst I am not at this time looking to move on from my roles as a LSMS, I am confident that the Level 5 qualification will help with my future career development.  I have now enrolled to  participate in the Security Institute’s  Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Security Management distance learning course which is set at Masters level and is also conducted by Perpetuity Training.”

Sean Keown

East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust

I was particularly impressed with the training materials and text books provided by Perpetuity

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