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Having served 23 years as a Royal Military Policeman (RMP) within Her Majesties Forces (Army), it was finally time to hang the beret and to seek an alternative career outside of the Military. I was fortunate during my service to obtain vast experience in conducting overt & covert investigations, I was also employed on two occasions as a Crime Prevention Officer and as an Architectural Liaison Officer, where I provided advice and guidance during 'new' builds for designing out crime. Although recognised skill sets in their own right, I was keen to envelop this experience under one umbrella 'Security Management'.

Early during this transition, I successfully obtained employment as a Protection & Investigation Manager for a large multi-national corporation. I was (am) successful in the role, yet I was still seeking personal development to enhance and improve myself and add value to the role and the organisation. Being ex Forces, I was fortunate enough to have access to ELCAS funding. I had heard about Perpetuity Training on the Military grapevine and what I heard was all good. As a result, in 2014 I attended the BTEC Level 4 Security Managers course, which was quickly followed by the BTEC Level 4 Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management course. Both courses were classroom based and were taught by Charlie Swanson (ex RMP). I didn’t meet Charlie during my time in the Forces, I wish I had, I suspect he would have been a superior Military Policeman. His knowledge of Security Management and Crisis Management was evidently vast. The delivery of both courses throughout was excellent. Charlie's skills at teaching could not be surpassed - my expectations were achieved.

In 2015, as a result of the successful completion of the two courses, I enrolled onto the SyI Level 5 Diploma. Although slightly apprehensive at first, as I have no previous academic experience, any anxiety was quickly averted when I received all the relevant study material together with access to the online 'dashboard'. The assignment requirements were easy to understand with each subject having readily available research material, either online or within the study material provided. Assignment submissions were easy, with all material being sent via e-mail. Results for each module were received in good time, with comments providing learning points where required, enabling improvement for the next module. The level 5 Diploma certainly exceeded my expectations.

Completing the Level 5 has enhanced my overall understanding of Security and how to deliver this effectively within a large organisation. The learning throughout all the courses is certainly relevant to current industry practises and would assist in the delivery and/or improvements of security within any organisation. I am now enrolled on the SyI Level 7 Advanced Diploma, which I am truly looking forward too. I am sure that it will be as equally rewarding as previous courses provided by Perpetuity Training.

Richard Robinson MBE MSyI

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The learning throughout all the courses is certainly relevant to current industry practises and would assist in the delivery and/or improvements of security within any organisation!

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