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Creating Successful Policies, Plans and Procedures

Type: In-House

Length of Course: 1 days

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Why this course

The use of organisational policies, plans and procedures is a vital element of good security practice, yet few know how to create and use them to their best advantage.  This course will teach you how policies, plans and procedures work and how they come together to streamline your working methods and increase the effectiveness of your security.  

The course will show how you can revitalise your organisational security and maximise compliance. You will learn how to create documents and policies that really work, without the need to start from scratch and without reinventing the wheel.

Who will benefit

This course will immediately benefit all security managers by equipping them with the skills needed to design and construct effective policies, implement successful plans, and introduce procedures that people can commit to.  If you wish to ensure that your vision of security is communicated and correctly implemented throughout your organisation then this is the course for you.

Course Content

Policies Plans and Procedures training