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In my current role as Security Manager for the De Beers Group Of Companies, I am responsible for implementing and managing effective security protocols across midstream operations within South Africa.

Whilst in-house training, on the job learning and first-hand experience have provided me with a solid set of skills, I felt that there was definitely a requirement to strengthen the academic section of my CV.  Fortunately, the company has always supported employees with their individual development plans and subsequently, the initial challenge was to find the right course.

In order to suit my particular circumstances, it was important to find a course that could match the following criteria:

Having recently completed the Security Institute BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Security Management, I am pleased to say that the course met all my criteria and exceeded expectations. Even though I have been involved in security management for a number of years; the content of the course both reinforced my understandings of the principles of security, and introduced me to the views of a variety of specialist authors -  many of whom I reference today!

Whilst the environment in which I operate is indeed varied, the best practice principles of security that are scrutinised in the coursework can be applied throughout the industry as a whole. To this extent, I have actively encouraged my overseas colleagues to consider the courses offered by Perpetuity Training and to date, all of those who have participated express the same levels of enrichment and achievement that I too experienced.   

Philip Hill

De Beers Group of Companies

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Diploma in Security Management BTEC Level 5

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I am pleased to say that the course met all my criteria and exceeded expectations