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In-House Training

Perpetuity Training provide courses that combine informed solutions and best practice with the latest information, research and legislation. All of our courses can be held at your own premises or ours, exclusively for your staff providing a cost effective method of training. We will tailor the course content, case studies and materials to suit your particular needs and working environment.  

Customised Courses

Our customised courses offer a bespoke solution for your training needs. By taking account of your specific requirements, we can produce a course specifically tailored to your business and your working environment. We can, for example, combine modular elements from more than one of our existing courses, or produce an entirely new course that is unique to you.

We can also incorporate your company policy and procedures into the training package to ensure that our training fits your way of doing things.

Accreditation / Qualification

With a growing emphasis on Continuous Professional Development (CPD),  we are able to offer a course design package which incorporates working with awarding bodies to get accreditation for your course, and recognised qualifications for your staff.

Our courses

Physical Security Technology


Managing School Security


Supply Chain Security Management


Information Security  Management


Creating Successful Policies, Plans and Procedures


Report Writing


Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management

BTEC Level 4

Managing Security Surveys

BTEC Level 4

Security Management

BTEC Level 4

Security Management BTEC Level 4 Managing Security Surveys BTEC Level 4 Risk Crisis and Disaster Management BTEC Level 4

Retail Security Management

IQ Level 4

Retail Security Management IQ Level 4 Report Writing Policies Plans and Procedures Information Security Management Supply Chain Security Management Managing School Security Physical Security Technology

The choice of security locks, CCTV cameras and alarm systems is ever increasing. This course provides an overview and understanding of the types of equipment and systems on the market and how they operate.

This course considers the scale and scope of the risks facing schools, and puts forward a range of techniques to increase the security of teachers and pupils as well as school property and buildings.

Supply Chain Managers and Security Managers will benefit from understanding how to combine supply chain practices with the latest security ideas, techniques and methods to ensure best protection from threats.

With the dependence on Information Communication Technology, there is always the risk of disruption from natural threats such as fire or from cyber attacks. This course shows you how to identify and implement a security system.

Policies, plans and procedures are a vital element of good security practice. This course teaches you how they come together to streamline your working methods and increase the effectiveness of your security.

Writing effective reports is an essential business skill. This course will take you through the key techniques for structuring professional reports.

This course provides critical insights into retail security examining the key techniques involved in identifying and managing loss and the latest ideas, techniques and systems for protection of people, stock, premises and profits.

Conducting a Security Survey is an essential skill for Security Managers. Using a real site, this course teaches delegates how to carry out a security survey and to write and present a survey report.

An essential introduction to the key ideas, techniques and issues at the heart of Security Management, from identifying issues through to designing and implementing loss prevention and security initiatives that really work.

This course provides security professionals with a broad spectrum of knowledge to deal with all aspects of crisis and disaster management, including the makeup and operation of a Crisis Management Team.