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Having served over 24 years in HM Armed Forces (Army-Infantry) I soon realised that I did not have any formally accredited security management qualifications. I used my military Enhanced Learning Credits and with the help and expert advice from Perpetuity Training we built a well-rounded three course security management package. Having attended the BTEC Level 4 Security Management and BTEC Level 4 Managing Security Surveys courses, I soon recognised how little I knew of the civilian security environment and its perplexing commercial language.

The Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management course was my third course I had undertaken with Perpetuity Training Academy and the last in a trilogy of BTEC Level 4 courses. The content and presentation by the course tutor (Mr Charlie Swanson) were consistently of a high standard and his depth of security knowledge, second to none. More importantly, each session provided an excellent review of the challenges and opportunities inherent in each Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management area - while he challenged us to clarify and to find our own answers and solutions to classroom set scenarios. I feel that all the techniques and learning methodologies used, the video (Piper Alpha), PowerPoint and the A1 flip-chart were extremely good and at no point did I feel that the training was too "long" or "dragging on". During the course, I felt challenged and consistently drawn into the quality desktop exercises. The presentations always had my full attention due to the way in which Mr Charlie Swanson stimulated our creative thought process and captured the classes "Sense of Humour". Even after breaks with coffee/teas and continental pastries and a quality lunch at the Belmont Hotel, I felt that there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm still left within the classroom dynamic.

It was also great to have Perpetuity Training Academy facilitators attending the security courses (Mr Gary Rice and Miss Kim Ellerton) with so much energy and enthusiasm for the subject matter. This course has provided me with the framework and tools to promote an environment of risk culture within my workspace and to convey this message effectively to a large range of security operatives.

Thank you Perpetuity Training Academy and I look forward to completing BTEC Level 5 Security Managers Course in the not too distant future.

Graham Walford MA

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