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Perpetuity and you

Perpetuity Training has a long and established record of working closely with those in the Armed Services, with many of our tutors having a military background.

We specialise in courses that are designed to prepare and equip you for a career in the commercial security sector. We do this by providing you with the key knowledge, qualifications and enhanced skills that will make you stand out to both employers and clients.

If you are looking to work for a company within security management, or operate as a private security consultant, we provide the courses you need to succeed.

Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) funding

Perpetuity Training is accredited by the Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC) and recognised by the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services (ELCAS). Our Registration No. is 1787.

The Scheme provides financial support to eligible service personnel who wish to enhance their educational or vocational achievements.

Resettlement Funding

The Individual Resettlement Training Costs (IRTC) grant is provided to Service Leavers as a contribution towards the costs of Resettlement Training. For full details contact your Resettlement Centre.


A number of our other courses are in the process of acquiring funded status (contact us for full details).


Classroom Courses

E-Learning courses

The Security Institute Advanced Diploma in Security Management IQ Level 7

The Security Institute Diploma in Security Management

BTEC Level 5

The Security Institute Certificate in Security Management

BTEC Level 3

Certificate In Security Management BTEC L3 Diploma In Security Management BTEC L5 Advanced Diploma In Security Management IQ L7

Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management

BTEC Level 4

Managing Security Surveys

BTEC Level 4

Security Management

BTEC Level 4

Security Management BTEC Level 4 Managing Security Surveys BTEC Level 4 Risk Crisis and Disaster Management BTEC Level 4

Conducting a Security Survey is an essential skill for Security Managers. Using a real site, this course teaches delegates how to carry out a security survey and to write and present a survey report.

An essential introduction to the key ideas, techniques and issues at the heart of Security Management, from identifying issues through to designing and implementing loss prevention and security initiatives that really work.

This course provides security professionals with a broad spectrum of knowledge to deal with all aspects of crisis and disaster management, including the makeup and operation of a Crisis Management Team.

For those wishing to take their professional development to the highest levels within the security profession and the Security Institute. This Level 7 (Masters level), provides learners with an acclaimed qualification.

Designed for people with existing experience in Security Management who are now seeking to achieve professional accredited qualifications at middle and senior management levels.

Introductory level course, designed for anyone wanting to progress a career within the security industry and who wishes to achieve professional accredited qualifications.

Managing Security Surveys

BTEC Level 4

Managing Security Surveys elearning BTEC Level 4

Retail Security Management

IQ Level 4

Managing Retail Security eLearning IQ Level 4

MSc International Security and Risk Management

In collaboration with

University of South Wales

MSc International Security & Risk Management